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Coaching the A1K Natural Swing©


Our research tells us that above all else golfers want two things.  A reliable and consistent golf swing. They want to be good EVERY DAY and leave behind the frustration and embarrassment of poor performance and lack of mastery.

If this is your goal then you need to know…. IT IS NOT Rocket Science….  But it IS Science. It is the science of Ideal Body Mechanics and you already have it within you.  Our coaching task is to Help You Find Your Swing and RELEASE IT.  

HOW to do this is SIMPLE: Every human body is unique and yet every human body uses the same 13 sockets & joints to hit a golf ball. There are Ideal Body Mechanics to move these joints and sockets to achieve a reliable, powerful and consistent golf swing.  Within these biomechanical limits lies your best swing.

Our Mission is to ignite the most effective swing for each student based on the science of how the body moves most effectively. Ultimately the only thing that matters in the game of golf is learning how to move your body and the club in a sound and repeatable pattern that produces the desired result at impact.

Our experienced and certified Professional Golf Instructors offer their knowledge and insight gained from years of competitive sports training to people of all ages and skill levels.  From novice to the elite athlete our customized approach will help you achieve your dreams. Call or come in to see one of our Phoenix Golf Academy (PGA) professionals today and Release Your Natural Swing.


“What a great time my friend and I had. Your training let me finally find my natural swing and get started. The A1K Natural Swing makes so much sense. I know I have lots of work to do, but now I know what I need to do to get better.”

Alex Chan

“Truthfully it took me a while to get it. However, once I understood that you were finding a way to let me release my natural ability it was so much easier. I’ve played golf for over 35 years and I am just now starting to understand what I am supposed to be doing.  Keep up the good work.”

Bob Williams

Won the China Shenzhen Drive, Chip and Putt Contest in 2015  after only 7 months of training.  He won 8 out of 9 categories for all age categories.

Eric Yang, Age 7

“Hitting the ball better than I have in years. The Coaching I received was world class and both Ron and Blade exhibited the highest level of professionalism. I’ve never worked with Coach’s that had their level of knowledge about the golf swing and their teaching methods made learning simple and straight forward.”

Reddy Wong

“I learned more about the short game in three hours than in my twelve years of playing golf.  Their scientific approach to putting and chipping has taken strokes off my game already. I feel rejuvenated and see a path to getting better. ”

Howard Q

“I went from skeptic to enthusiastic in the course of one day. I am now enjoying the game more than ever and I am no longer embarrassed to go play with my husband. I look forward to beating him in the new future. Thanks gentlemen.”

Rain Wong

“Making the trip from Korea to spend a couple of days with you guys was worth every penny.  I just shot an 84 today on my home course which was my lowest score ever.  I hit 9 greens in regulation also, a new record. Wow, this A1K Natural Swing approach really works.”

Andy Hwang

“As a busy heart surgeon I greatly value efficiency and thanks to you I found the most efficient way to hit a golf ball. Your staff’s non-judgmental coaching and willingness to work on the smallest details made the learning fun.”

Andy Weeks, MD
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