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Phoenix Golf A1K Assessment Process

Finding Your Ideal Body Mechanics

At PGA we know that each student is unique.  While every golfer (and human) has the same 13 sockets and joints in their body, each person must discover their own physical and body mechanic limits in the following categories:

  • Flexibility – each part of your body is different
  • Range of Motion – how far does your body turn, twist and stretch
  • Arm, Leg and Trunk Length – you are a set of levers
  • Chest thickness and shoulder width – determines arc
  • Hip and shoulder mobility – separation and power
  • Injuries and related restrictions

Your potential for performing a golf swing movement will absolutely be determined by your personal Ideal Body Mechanics. The purpose of our testing is to let science and not opinion determine the ideal swing mechanics for you instead of relying on a vague and non-specific model of a good golf swing.

The tests as outlined below inform our recommendations for you.

  1. Ideal Swing Plane
    TEST: Elbow fold
  2. Ideal Hinge Type and Set
    TEST: One arm
  3. Natural Backswing length
    TEST:  Kneel test
  4. Trail Arm Flexibility Test
    TEST:  90 degree
  5. Rotary or Lateral Post TEST:  PVC drill
  6. Hip Speed Slow, Medium, Fast
    TEST: Glove Test

After your assessment, by a certified A1K Natural Swing Coach, we will work with you to understand what your body is saying.  Then, our lesson plan will work within the Ideal Body Mechanics we’ve identified to speed up your learning and let you realize your full potential.