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Why is the A1K Natural Swing a better approach to learning golf?

The A1K is based on the science of how your body moves. Every human body is unique and yet every human body uses the same 13 sockets & joints to hit a golf ball. There are Ideal Body Mechanics to move these joints and sockets to achieve a reliable, powerful and consistent golf swing.  Within these biomechanical limits lies your best swing.

The A1K approach is to ignite the most effective swing for each student based on the science of how your body moves most effectively. Ultimately the only thing that matters in the game of golf is learning how to move your body and the club in a sound and repeatable pattern that produces the desired result at impact.

Why is Phoenix Golf a good choice for me?

Because our experienced and certified Professional Golf Instructors offer their knowledge and insight gained from years of competitive sports training to people of all ages and skill levels.  Among our coaches we have over 120 years of experience.  From novice to the elite athlete our customized approach will help you find your best swing and release it.

What do you mean by Ideal Body Mechanics?

Every joint, socket and muscle in your body is designed to move and function in a certain way. For example, your elbows and knees fold in one direction; your hands have limited degrees of articulation and musculature and your joints and sockets are limited by your genetics, your flexibility and usage patterns.  These represent your bodies’ limits and your movement will be determined by those limits.  Each person is different and to perform at an optimum level you must determine what your body is capable of and what your personal limits are.

In addition, in a golf swing the club can create centrifugal forces greater than 100 KPH.  This force requires dramatic counter force to maintain balance and stability. These counter forces are supplied by the joints, the muscles and the sockets of the body and understanding the best way to utilize these is critical to a good swing.

How do I get to be a good golfer?

Great Question because there is a very clear answer. Every good golfer in history has mastered the 7/Foundations of golf on the way to mastery.  There is no short cut!

The 7/Foundations of Golf are:

Foundation 1 Consistent Ball Striking – Develop a sound and repeatable full swing. Distance is nice but straight generally wins.

Foundation 2 Short Game – Learn to execute the techniques to pitch and chip the ball close to the hole from 125 yards and in. Over 70% of shots in golf are from within 125 yards from the green.

Foundation 3 Become a Good Putter – Putting is designed by the rules to be about 45% of the game, (two putts are always allocated per hole). All good golfers are good putters with no exceptions.

Foundation 4 Clubs that FIT your body, swing and game – A perfect golf swing will not work if your clubs are improperly fitted.

Foundation 5 Course Management Skills – Learn to develop a strategy to manage your trip around the golf course.

Foundation 6 Practice with Purpose – Learn How to Learn – There are secrets.

Foundation 7 Learn to Manage Your Mind and Emotions on the Course – Mental and emotional management on the golf course is what distinguishes champions.

Is the A1K Swing for the high handicapper?

Yes, in fact, high handicappers report immediate improvement in their game because their consistency improves.  As you learn to hit the ball straight you will find your scores come down as your enjoyment goes up.  As your ball striking confidence improves you can spend more time thinking about course management, distance control, club selection and placement of the ball on the green in the correct spot to help you make birdies.  The game can be hard, but using our proven methods you will soon see the improvement you have been seeking.

Is the A1K Natural Swing good for the low handicapper that wants to improve?

Absolutely. The reason is because as your ball striking reliability improves you will have more time to master the real scoring clubs – the short irons, the wedges and putter.  Great golfers must have good short games and focusing your range time on the short game skills will lower your scores quickly.

I am a very busy person, will this approach work for me if I don’t have hours to practice?

If your work or travel schedule keep you from putting in time at the practice range we offer a low maintenance way to have a respectable golf game.  Once you understand the fundamentals of your swing using the A1K approach, you will find that it isn’t necessary to put in long hours of practice to hone your skills.  Granted, you probably won’t win the Club Championship because that takes a lot of short game skill, but you will be able to play a decent game and not be embarrassed in front of your friends or customers.

Can I make a change?  I have been playing for many years and worry that I can’t change my old swing to something better.

Yes you can change. When you change you must allow time to build new habits and establish new patterns of body movement. This is why we study Ideal Body Mechanics and practice scientifically validated methods of learning based on neuropsychology and physiology. You don’t change your muscle memory (in fact muscle memory is a myth). What you change is the pattern of movement that is stored in the brain.  Dr. Ron has spent years studying how to help golfers change easily and quickly as they establish more effective movements.

How long will it take for me to notice a difference in my game?

Most students see improvement immediately because we focus on improving your entire game.  This includes dramatic improvement in your putting, chipping and pitching along with more consistent ball striking from using our established methods.  Also, we will work with you to understand How to Learn more effectively using our modeling methods and new techniques designed to speed up the learning process.

Is the A1K Natural Swing approach good for people with bad backs, stiff knees or joint problems like arthritis?

The A1K Natural swing approach by design is meant to help alleviate the traditional stresses associated with golf. When your body is working in biomechanical alignment it greatly reduces the stresses associated with golf like lower back, hyper-extended knees, shoulders and wrist problems.  Fundamentally, if your body is moving in a natural manner it produces less strain.

 Are there PGA Tour Pros practicing Ideal Body Mechanics as taught in A1K Natural Swing?

There are lots of examples of tour pro’s that have developed their own natural swing. However, not all these pros are using science validated Ideal Body Mechanics and some have injured their body because of poor mechanics. We believe Tiger Woods is a good example. At Phoenix Golf we seek to find a model that matches you while simultaneously practicing good mechanics.  The best examples we have seen are Moe Norman, Steve Stricker, Carl Petterson and now an emerging young star name Beauchamp from Texas.  These people have great body movements without excessive strain and are to be emulated.