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Learning Golf

Understand the Seven Foundations of Golf

Learning golf can be a daunting adventure. The beginner is confronted with an avalanche of information and choices that are confusing and often misleading, depending on who is trying to sell you something. What brand of clubs to buy and why, the specifications of those clubs, how to learn the game, how to choose a swing method or teacher, the formal and informal rules of golf.  The list goes on…

After many years of teaching people the game of golf, we have found that it is best to give people the Fundamental Foundations which must be learned and mastered to competently play the game. By presenting these Foundations in sequential and manageable parts, the new golfer can set about the task of learning the game with confidence.

Let me introduce the SEVEN FOUNDATIONS of GOLF.  I will present them to you in order of importance in learning the game. If you wish to become good at the game, simply adopt these Foundations as a roadmap to your learning process.

Foundation 1 Become a Consistent Ball Striker – Develop a sound and repeatable full swing. This is the swing designed to hit the ball far and straight.

Foundation 2 Perfect your Short Game – Learn to execute the techniques to pitch and chip the ball close to the hole from 125 yards and in. Over 70% of shots in golf are from within 125 yards from the green.

Foundation 3 Become a Good Putter – Putting is designed by the rules to be about 45% of the game, (two putts are always allocated per hole). All good golfers are good putters.

Foundation 4 Have Clubs that FIT your body, swing and game – A perfect golf swing will not work if your clubs are improperly fitted.

Foundation 5 Become Confident at Course Management Skills – Learn to intelligently develop a strategy to manage your trip around the golf course.

Foundation 6 Practice with Purpose – Develop a plan to learn efficiently. There are absolutely proven methods to learn and acquire a physical skill quickly.

Foundation 7 Learn to Manage Your Mind and Emotions on the Course – Mental and emotional management on the golf course is what distinguishes champions.

If you follow this roadmap and let it guide your introduction to golf, you will soon begin to improve.  In future articles, we will provide the fundamental insights about each Foundation, giving you a sound understanding of how you can begin to build a sound golf game.

In the meantime, remember golf is a game. Learn the fundamentals and the game will reward you with a lifetime of benefits.