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Etiquette of Golf

  1. Spirit of the Game
    Golf is played mainly without any officials or referees, this means that a golfer must call there own penalties and abide by the rules. Golf is a sport of integrity. A player must respect its opponents, play in a disciplined manner and demonstrate sportsmanship to all personal involved.
  2. Safety
    For the safety of the golfer and others, A golfer should never swing when there are other people in the vicinity of the ball. A golfer should also wait for other golfers in front of them to move far enough away before they hit their shot. If a ball is going towards another player, maintenance staff or spectators a golfer is expected to yell “fore” and try to minimize the damage.
  3. Pace of Play
    Golf is a game that takes about five hours to play 18 holes on a busy day. The committee of each course will establish a proper timing for each hole and how fast it should be played. Players should keep up a good pace. It the responsibility of the group to keep up with the next group that is in front of them. If a golfer is in a group and they can’t keep up with the group in front of them, they should invite the group behind them to pass.
  4. Care of the Course
    Before leaving a bunker a golfer should always rake the ground where they hit the ball as well as where they walked in the bunker. Players always should repair their divots with sand or seed and repair ball marks on the green. Players should avoid taking unnecessary divots during their practice swings as well.
  5. Conclusion
    The Most important part of the game is that a golfer follows the rules and plays in the spirit of the game.  This will make the game more enjoyable for the golfer and the group that they are playing with.