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Golfertainment in Sanya

Published in WOS, an online Magazine

GOLFERTAINMENT in SanyaWorld Golf Simulator Center Opens in Ban Shan Ban Dao

 New Indoor Golf Simulator Center open soon- letting you economically play different courses from around the world in total comfort with your family and friends

It is Tuesday afternoon and your friends are in from Beijing and they are looking a little bored.  You have done the Sanya clubs for the last three nights and while M2 is great your friends are looking for something new and different. When you ask them what they want to do the answer is ‘anything, but not in the sun or this heat.” What to do?”

A fun and entertaining answer is the newly opened World Golf Simulator Center at Luhuitou Golf Driving Range in Ban Shan Ban Dao.  Just recently opened on the 2nd floor, the beautifully appointed facility allows you to treat your family and friends to an indoor air conditioned golf experience that allows you to choose from famous courses around the world and play them against a High Definition screen that makes you feel like you are right there.

The World Golf Simulator Center is the brainchild of its parent company Phoenix Golf. They run a Golf Academy at Luhuitou, but recently built a luxury suite and installed a Foresight Golf Computer system that lets you choose and play a famous golf course from around the world. The system provides you highly accurate feedback about what your golf ball does after you hit it.  Whether you hit a long drive down the middle of the fairway or a big slice into the trees, the Foresight system shows you the ball and measures to within two inches of how far the ball traveled, the trajectory and where it actually lands. This is all reflected on the large wall screen in front of you.   It must be seen to understand how accurate and realistic the images are.

The system can also be set to allow you and your friends to play different types of games. According to the GM Blade Cruickshank, the most popular are the long drive contest and the closest to the pin contest. This allows everyone a chance to participate equally and keeps up constant interest.

If client entertainment is on your agenda then you can arrange to have drinks and food served with your fun?  Learn about fine wines with a customized presentation and wine tasting or have gourmet meals brought in for your group.   The professional hospitality staff will make sure you get what you want.

You don’t have to know how to play golf to participate.  Club rentals are available and they have helpful staffers plus four professional golf instructors available to make sure you get started correctly.

There are lots of ways to use the World Golf Sim Center. Leagues are being formed if you and our friends want to compete against other teams or you can book for family fun.   Special pricing is available for League membership, so check with the Center for complete information.

DETAILS:  A minimum booking is two hours. This easily allows 4-6 people time to play nine holes of golf, just like a real game.  Depending on peak hour scheduling the rental price for the simulator will begin at 500 RMB per hour. If you have four people this makes your expenditure to play golf indoors for two hours about 250 RMB or $40 USD per person or less.   Given 4 people this makes for very affordable golf entertainment.   Discount packages are available if you buy a bundled number of hours.

So if you are looking for something new and interesting to do with your friends, call now to book a few hours of fun. Phoenix Golf – 186-8955-8336 and talk with Lynn Zhu.