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Refund Policy

If not satisfied with instruction received after the first week of Coaching, Sanya Phoenix Golf will refund the entire tuition. After the first week of coaching a refund will not be issued for any reason.

General Policies

Students are only permitted to hit balls at the outside practice area (second floor) after they have passed a skill test. This is for their personal safety and the safety of other children.

Parent Policy

All parents are asked to wait in the VIP provided area during the lessons. This is for the benefit of the students.

Safety First– All students are asked to practice great care when swinging a golf club. Any violation can result in a student be asked to cease practice.

Etiquette and Manners– Students are asked to practice proper golf manners. This means to maintain a quiet and respectful demeanor at all time. This means No yelling, running, pushing or disrupting other guests or students.  Phoenix Golf has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for bad behavior or disrespectful attitude towards staff or other students.

Ball Policy

All ball costs related to coaching sessions shall be paid for by students.  Various discounts on ball prices will be offered at the discretion of the Golf Club.

TIS Make-Up Classes   During the semester, students are allowed to miss two coaching sessions due to personal reasons.  The student must apply for make-up classes. Each semester there will be only two absences allowed.  NO refunds will be given for missed classes.

Force Majeure and TIS Holidays

In the event of weather related closures the Phoenix Golf reserves the right to cancel classes for safety of students and staff.

  • All TIS scheduled holidays will be observed by Phoenix Golf and no classes will be held on scheduled holidays or days off for students.

Golf Club Policy

–  Students should own their clubs and use their clubs during coaching sessions.

–  Phoenix Golf Academy will store clubs on premises for active CIS students.

–  Students are responsible for their own clubs and are asked to keep them clean

–  At the end of the school year or when the students are finished taking golf

lessons they will remove their clubs from the storage area.

– Adults may arrange to leave their clubs on premise for a charge.

Contest / Events:  Occasionally, there will be golf contests or golf related events organized by Sanya Phoenix golf.  Event related costs will be covered by students who choose to participate in the event.  Student’s participation is entirely at their discretion.

Safety Release :

  • At the start of each semester, Sanya Phoenix golf will give golf related safety regulations.
  • During all coaching sessions, students are not allowed to step beyond the yellow line into the hitting zone when there is no instructor present.
  • Parents with their children who come for class inspection are not allowed to step into the yellow line area.
  • Sanya Phoenix Golf is not responsible for any injuries, trauma or even the death of students or their parents while at the golf course.