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10 Basic Rules of golf

  1. Golf Etiquette
    Be considerate to others in your group. When another player is swinging, do not move, talk or distract the player in any way.
  2. Tee Box
    When teeing off on any hole, the ball must be placed behind the tee markers. For beginners, the red tees are most appropriate.
  3. Club Limit
    USGA rules states that a player is not allowed more the 14 clubs in your bag for any competitive event.
  4. As it lies
    This means that you may not improve your lie.  You may not move your ball on to a better lie and you may not clean your ball if it is in the rough or the fairway.  The only time a ball can be moved is if it is on the green and it is marked by a ball marker.
  5. Person Farthest away
    In golf the person farthest away from the hole goes first. For example if person A is 200 yards from the hole and Person B is 150 yards from the hole. Person A would go first.
  6. Sand Traps
    If a golfer hits the ball into the sand trap, the golfer must play the ball as it lies. They are not allowed to improve their lie. The golfer is also not allowed to “ground” their club. Grounding the club means to let there club touch the ground before impact with the ball. After a shot is taken the player must rake the sand back to its original state.
  7. Out Of Bounds
    Out of bounds is marked on every course by the rules committee of that course by white stakes, a white fence or white lines on the ground. When a player hits the ball out of bounds, it is a one-stroke penalty and they must drop a ball and re-hit from the same place before they struck the ball out of bounds. If you are not sure if the ball is out of bounds you must hit a “provisional ball”.
  8. Water Hazard
    If a player hits their ball into the water hazard, they may play the ball if the water is shallow enough. If the ball is deemed unplayable a player must drop a ball on the line where the ball originally entered the hazard with a one-stroke penalty. They may also drop from where they originally hit the ball with one-stroke penalty.
  9. Green Etiquette
    When on the green the player that is farthest away always putts first. All other golfers must mark their balls. When walking on the green a golfer should never walk in the line of a golfers putt. This means that a golfer should not walk in-between the ball and hole. A footprint in the line of a putt can alter the way the ball will go.
  10. Spirt of the Game
    The most important thing in golf is to have fun. Golf is a game that is meant to be played with your friends and family and be a good time.

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