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Services Offered

At Phoenix Golf we offer a full range of golf instructional services and Coaching. Whether you just want to learn the game as a beginner, improve your skills or become a highly competitive amateur or professional our highly qualified and experienced staff can help you find the talent you have within you. Among our staff members we have over 120 years of golf experience.

Coaching & Instruction- What is the difference? 
At Phoenix we make a distinction between Coaching and Instruction.  Instruction is focused on learning the correct technical swing. Coaching is teaching you how to become a good player of the game. Both are necessary to achieve mastery and satisfaction with the game.


Private Coaching – Every Coaching session begins with an assessment of your golf swing.  Facts not perception rule the teaching plan.  In one session we will film your swing, provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses, make positive changes and devise a plan of improvement. Steady progress is the name of the game and intelligent practice will get results.

Introduction to Golf Program (Group Lesson for Students Only:Age 6-16)

The student will receive six hours of group instruction on the basics of golf. The students will understand the game, know basic swing techniques and how to putt, chip and pitch the ball. The purpose of this group lesson is to let the student discover if they really like the game. It is hoped that the student will then engage in private coaching to further learn the game.       

World Golf Simulator: Play the most interesting courses in the world without leaving Sanya

Phoenix Golf has brought to Sanya the best golf Simulator system in the world called the Foresight System (link to Simulator Menu).  Every shot can be tracked and displayed on the 3D screen in front of you. You can play a real game of golf by selecting from famous courses around the world and playing them with friends OR select the driving range feature for fun and practice.

  • Great for an evening of fun and to relax and play in comfort and privacy.
  • Compete with your friends and have a long drive contest (accurate to within inches) or even a closest to the pin contest with prizes and fun rewards.
  • Throw a great party for all your friends and give them something new and exciting to do for the evening.
  • Comfortable furniture, bar and service available by catering

For the serious golfer, the Foresight System offers unparalleled feedback on your golf swing.  In just one session you will understand your swing in ways never possible before this revolutionary training device was available.

Group Programs and Leagues: Gather Your Friends for some great fun

Leagues are a great way to keep connection with your friends and have fun together.  Put together a few of your friends or join one of our established leagues and play every week on the World Golf Simulator System

Corporate Events:  Team building, incentive rewards, sales training

Introduce your company to the powerful team building and social networking benefits of shared golf experiences. We will customize a program to meet your needs.

Golf Travel Packages 

Visit world famous golf vacation destinations around the world with your family or friends while accompanied by our Professional Staff to insure great golf and lifestyle experiences. Trips currently scheduled in 2016 are to Thailand, Canada and the US. Call for details.

Western Culture and English LEAP (Learning English Accelerated Program)

Because of our unique and exclusive arrangement with TIS/CIS, all our golf lessons are taught in English with professional translators to support student understanding on site. For those students interested in attending a western school we offer a program to immerse them in both language and culture to speed their integration.

SPECIAL OFFER TO PARENTS: Language Mirror Program.  If your child is enrolled in TIS we are offering a Learn English with Your Child program. You may attend classes TWICE a week and your English program with exactly mirror those of your child at TIS.  This is a unique way to understand what your child is learning and expand your own English skills at the same time.  Parents will attend the mirror session at LHT while their child is taking their golf lessons.

Guaranteed University Acceptance Program    NEW – NEW – NEW – NEW

This program will guarantee a student of TIS acceptance into a University or College in America or Canada.  The student must be enrolled in the Elite Student Athlete Program at TIS

The Players Package:  Serious Golfer Training Package

If you are a serious and devoted golfer that has 5 or more hours a week to train we offer our Players Package. You will train ONLY with Master Instructors plus 3 hours in the World Golf Simulator system per week.  This is for SERIOUS golfers only.  You will learn to routinely hone your game with information generally only available to professionals. Only 4 students ACCEPTED at a time.

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