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The world’s most accurate and realistic golf simulation technology

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Family Activity, Group Competition, Neighborhood Leagues, Celebrations, Team Building, Birthday Parties, Long Drive & Closest to the Hole Contests

 Play Different Courses from Around the World and Experience Game Improvement


The Social Experience:  Fun, Family and Friends
Imagine yourself hosting a party for your family and friends and being able to have them play one of the top PGA Tour courses with accurate and life like realism. Make yourself comfortable in luxury surroundings and watch the action live and on big screen TV.

The Competitive “Hang Out with Guys” Experience
Host a regular night out with your foursome and let the competitive juices flow.  Do a nine hole competition, a closest to the pin hole or try a long drive contest…. Your imagination rules!

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Build Your Golf Game Experience: This is what the Pro’s Use!pga-logoA1K logo

“I can’t imagine a serious training session without using my Foresight System.” Nigel Lane, 9 Year PGA Tour Pro and Phoenix Coach

The Foresight System offers the most sophisticated swing and ball flight data available today. Come test the system and find out how far you hit the ball, how your swing looks, what your club face is doing at impact, spin rates of your ball and much more.  This is what the Pro’s use to tweak their games and swings…. Now you can too!


Book a 20 minute Learn Your Distances Session.

You will leave with a Phoenix Distance Card that will tell you exactly how far you carry your pitching wedge and driver.

Research has shown that 93% of golfers don’t really know how far specific clubs carry. This is critical information to scoring. Gain the Phoenix Edge